High Performance Simulations

Make the most of Computational Mathematics

Simulation is becoming an essential tool for companies in their decision-making, product design and innovation processes, but implementing an industrial computing chain requires the mastery of increasingly sophisticated mathematical and computing technologies.

Over the past 20 years, IMACS has developed a portfolio of specialized services and products to help its clients make a leap forward in their simulation capabilities : modeling, numerical simulation, statistical analysis and artificial intelligence, etc.

Several leading companies in the automotive, aerospace, defense and energy sectors rely on IMACS for the development of their strategic software tools.

Time-Domain BEM Acoustic simulation of a metamaterial: SONATE© was the first robust TD-BEM software available for industrial applications. Used by many companies worldwide, it outperfoms existing tools and provides new insight on the physical phenomena.

More powerful simulations can boost your innovation.
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Success Stories
Over the past 20 years, thanks to a sustained investment in R&D, IMACS has developed world-class software in Electromagnetism, Acoustics, Statistics and Artificial Intelligence. These techniques and expertise have been successfully deployed in several sectors and fields of application. IMACS also partnered with R&D centers of leading industrials (Airbus, Ariane Group, EDF, PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Safran, Thales ...) in order to develop and maintain high-performance sensitive industrial software.

  • Airbus ASERIS™ Suite

    In partnership with Airbus since 2006, IMACS is co-developing the ASERIS™ Software Suite, an essential link in the aircraft design chain (Design, certification and maintenance).
    IMACS is the exclusive distributor of the ASERIS™ Suite

  • SONATE©: Time Domain BEM

    IMACS is the only company to develop and commercialize a robust, stable and precise Time Domain solver for Boundary Element Method (BEM). SONATE© is distributed by Siemens Industry Software and used by many companies worldwide.

  • ACTIPOLE©: Frequency Domain H-Matrix / FMM / BEM

    ACTIPOLE© is the acoustics FEM / BEM module of the ASERIS™ Suite. It is intensively used by Airbus for aircraft noise simulations and also by many other companies around the world for various applications in automotive, consumer electronics, etc.

Scientific Computing
  • Hi-BOX: the new generation of Fast Parallel Solvers

    Hi-BOX is a generic software library of fast parallel solvers that implements latest theoretical advances in the fields of fast numerical methods (FMM, H-Matrix), linear algebra and parallel computing.
    Hi-BOX grew out of a 4-year R&D Program supported by the DGA, the French Government Defence Procurement and Technology Agency (RAPID program).

    Hi-BOX has proved to be 100 times faster than conventional methods (benchmarks carried out during international workshops)

Predictive Maintenance
  • Advisedlib: Anomaly Detection in Time Series Data

    In the framework of an Airbus project, IMACS was the main developer of a Python Library aimed to help engineers perform anomaly detection on sensor data collected from different platforms. The library aggregates state-of-the-art methods and can easily scale to process a huge quantity of measurements of different natures and at different acquisition frequencies.

Uncertainty Quantification
  • IMACS is member of the OpenTURNS consortium

    OpenTURNS is a wellknown plateform for the treatment of uncertainties and risks assessment. OpenTURNS helps carry out data analysis, probabilitic modelling, uncertainty propagation through Monte Carlo sampling, sensitivity analysis, compute rare event probabilities, build surrogate models (Kriging, Karhunen-Loève, Polynomial Chaos, etc.) and much more.

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We support our clients in their new developments from the early stage of their projects (prototyping, PoC, feasibility studies) up to the integration, training, support and maintenance.

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